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Background checks for poor people, just not teachers



Just a quick post here to take note of two bills moving quickly through the general assembly that reshape the idea of who should face criminal background checks.

One would mean that all residents applying for food stamps or welfare undergo a criminal background check.

From North Carolina Health News:

Currently, all DSS workers are required to do is ask an applicant if they — or anyone else who would be on the receiving end of the benefits — currently have a warrant out against them.

The bill would require DSS workers to provide information such as address, phone number, Social Security number and a physical description of the applicant to law enforcement [to see] if the background check turns up an outstanding arrest warrant anywhere in the state.

The other bill would mean that people applying to teach at charter schools are NOT required to undergo a background check.

This provision is part of a much larger bill to expand charter schools that was in committee again today. One Republican senator put forward an amendment that would’ve required background checks, but it was shot down, according to NC Policy Watch.

My takeaway: corporations don't need oversight, but poor people do.

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