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A poultry poll: Eat mor conservatives


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Forget Obama vs. Romney or Dalton vs. McCrory. Public Policy Polling has finally surveyed North Carolinians on the most important social issue of the day: What’s your favorite fast-food chicken joint?

No, not the elbow or the knee, but—wait for it—Chick-fil-A!

Forty percent of North Carolina voters surveyed said Chick-fil-A is their favorite fast food chicken place. KFC came in second with 23 percent, followed by Bojangles at 18 percent.

When you break down the results in terms of ideology, conservatives prefer Chick-fil-A, probably because of the chain’s anti-gay, ├╝ber right-wing stance, while liberals opt for KFC, perhaps because Colonel Sanders resembles Karl Marx, if Marx trimmed his beard and wore glasses and a Western tie.

Meanwhile, those damn carpetbaggers are tilting the poultry poll in favor of KFC, writes PPP’s
Tom Jensen:

“The biggest headscratcher to me and others on this poll was KFC outpolling the far superior Bojangles (this is one instance where I'm going to insert my opinion in the polling) for second place. This appears to be a product of the excess yankification of North Carolina. Bojangles and KFC tie at 21 percent among North Carolina natives, but the transplants go for KFC by a 26/13 margin. Perhaps with time they will see the error of their ways.”

Read more at the PPP website, including the scintillating factoid that Tar Heels love to clog their arteries on a diet of Wendy's hamburgers.


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