State elections board clears Durham Partnership for Progress | News

State elections board clears Durham Partnership for Progress



The N.C. Board of Elections has ruled that the mailers produced by the Durham Partnership for Progress were not coordinated with any candidates supported by the local SuperPAC.

As the Indy reported last week, several complaints had been filed with the Durham Board of Elections, which forwarded them to the state level, alleging that the Partnership was working in concert with Durham commissioner candidates Michael Page, Brenda Howerton, Joe Bowser and Rickey Padgett.

The Partnership has received more than $54,000 from Southern Durham Development, which is supporting the four candidates because of their stance on the 751 South project. The Partnership is tied to Southern Durham Development through Tyler Morris and Alex Mitchell, who work for both organizations.

The Partnership is an independent expenditure committee, also known as a SuperPAC, because it can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for candidates as long as it does not coordinate with them.

Southern Durham Development is the company behind that development; incumbents Page, Howerton and Bowser voted to approve a controversial rezoning of land in the sensitive Jordan Lake watershed that made 751 South possible. Padgett, a captain in the Durham County Sheriff’s department, has also spoken in favor of 751 South.

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