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Chatham County landfill in limbo



Chatham County citizens concerned about the placement of the proposed 400-acre landfill will have to wait until the beginning of the year for more definitive answers. The Solid Waste Advisory Committee's Dec. 1 meeting has been canceled to give the three newly elected county commissioners Brian Bock, Pamela Stewart and Walter Petty a thorough briefing on the landfill site evaluation. Nine sites remain on the list.

Chatham County Solid Waste Director Dan LaMontagne said the project will be delayed "until we receive further direction."

As a result of a Nov. 4 public meeting where many residents voiced their concerns about the landfill's possible location, LaMontagne and his staff have updated the county's website with additional information explaining the draft criteria.

Issues include the landfill's proximity to protected and environmentally sensitive watersheds, major highways, county boundaries, Bear Creek critical habitat, primary roads and significant residential development.

This criteria does not automatically exclude the siting of the landfill in area with these issues, but it does make the site less favorable in the final evaluation.

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