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Major upset looms over Chatham County Board of Commissioners



Republicans appear to have swept the Chatham County commission, but the races were so close they may qualify for a recount.

In District 3, Republican Brian Bock brought in 12,299 votes squeaking by Democrat George Lucier by 434 votes. Bock’s upset of Lucier’s thoughtful conservationist leadership may be a calculated move by the developers and homebuilders that had supported former commissioner Bunkey Morgan. Bock received $1,500 of campaign funds from Build Political Action Committee of the National Association of Home Builders.

In District 4, Republican. Pamela Stewart won by 549 votes, upsetting Dem. Tom Vanderbeck, and in District 5, Republican. Walter Petty unseated Democrat Carl Thompson by 305 votes.

Check back tomorrow to see if the Democrats ask for a recount.

Close to 58 percent, or 24,603, of the county’s registered voters cast ballots, according to unofficial results.

In other races, Democratic incumbent Richard H. Webster won another term as sheriff with 61 percent of the vote.

This post has been corrected. Previously it erroneously stated Deb McManus lost to Gary Leonard in the District 4 board of education race. There are two District 4 seats; each candidate ran unopposed.

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