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Chatham County lackluster turnout for conservative change



Chatham County Commissioner Sally Kost calls Chatham County's turnout for the primary elections “dismal.”

According to Chatham County Board of Elections, only 7,057 of 41,832 registered voters cast ballots— 16.8 percent of Chatham County's citizens. However, that's still higher than the statewide average of 14.3 percent,

Just a few days ago, Karl Kachergis, Chatham County Democratic Party Chairman noted, “The turnout at early voting is very low, so unlike Chatham.”
Whether a general malaise over the candidates or lack of interest until the turf war's begin in the fall,

Chatham County conservatives say they are clamoring for change, even if they didn't flock to the polls.

Brian Bock beat lifelong Bynum resident Cadle Cooper (whom the Indy recommended) by 330 votes and will face Democratic incumbent George Lucier this fall,

Bock is a financial planner with Sun Trust Bank in Lee County, and is a relative newcomer to Chatham County. He has rarely attended commissioner meetings, and has never held public office in the county.

He has called the Pittsboro to Chapel Hill Transit bus an “absurd boondooggle.” He has accused the Chatham Planning Board of being risk adverse, and unwilling to change the character of Chatham.

Kost is critical of Bock's stances and those of his fellow Republicans.

“The Republican commissioner candidates have been running on the national platform of the Tea Party and have little specifics as to what is actually going on in Chatham County,” says Kost. “Their campaigns have been vague, lacking in details, and often I have heard a blurriness blaming the county for issues within the control of municipal government.”

Bock declined to be interviewed on Wednesday.

In District 5, Rep. Walter Petty pulled ahead of challenger Kim Beal by 977 votes. Petty received 66.85 percent of the vote, while Beal received 33.15 percent of District 5's confidence.
Petty will run against incumbent Carl Thompson in the fall.
Unofficial election results can be viewed here:

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