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Right-wing robocalls target Center for Responsible Lending


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At 8:47 p.m. yesterday, I received a robocall at my home from the N.C. chapter of Americans for Prosperity, a conservative "free market" group that is among those leading the Tea Party movement.

I transcribed the text, which targets the Center for Responsible Lending with some overreaching, incendiary language. The Center, based in Durham, is known for fighting for consumer protection from payday lenders and other abusive financial practices. The text says "Responsive" Lending, but it is actually "Responsible."
Here's the text:
"The Wall Street fat cats have reached into North Carolina with their dirty money and its time for us to say no.
Fact: The Center for Responsive Lending took $15 million from a Wall Street hedge fund manager that is being investigated by feds.
Fact: The former head of Responsive Lending is now a bureacrat in the Obama administration and is
poised to be named head of a regulatory agency any day now
It's time to connect the dots in the ACORN-like scam and let these con men know what you think about their ethics.
AFP will be taking this information to the streets of Durham on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. [in front of the Center for Responsive Lending].
Please join our free market activists in protesting corruption in our financial system that
rewards obama’s friends at our expense.
This is an urgent protest.
This call is paid for by Americans for Prosperity, North Carolina chapter, on the web at afp-nc.org"


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