UNC Bingham Facility gets $14.5 million in stimulus funds | News

UNC Bingham Facility gets $14.5 million in stimulus funds


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  • Photo courtesy NC DENR
Despite problems with leaking wastewater treatment ponds and chemical contamination in its septic system, the Bingham Facility at UNC has been awarded $14.5 million in federal stimulus money from the National Institutes of Health to build 30,000 square feet of new buildings at its Bingham Facility.

The Bingham Facility is an animal research facility in rural Orange County that studies hemophilia and muscular dystrophy in dogs and pigs. The grant provides funding to build two buildings, to be completed by 2013, to house animals and support the infrastructure of the facility, according to a press release issued by the university this afternoon.

In addition, UNC will fund and construct a building to house veterinary services, laboratories and offices. This work will take place alongside the construction sponsored by the federal government.

The Indy has written several issues on the structural failures and chemical contamination at the facility, including the most recent story last week.


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