Cunningham, Lewis, Marshall endorsed by teachers, Gantt, Morgan | News

Cunningham, Lewis, Marshall endorsed by teachers, Gantt, Morgan



The three Democrats jockeying for the party nomination for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by Republican Richard Burr each are rolling out endorsements in a final push for contributions before tonight's financial reporting deadline.

Hopeful Cal Cunningham notched support from the N.C. Association of Educators, group of 65,000.

Candidate Ken Lewis, a Chapel Hill resident and Durham lawyer, picked up Harvey Gantt's seal of approval. Gantt was the Democratic candidate who ran against Jesse Helms 1990 and 1996 Senate races.

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall can add former Sen. Robert Morgan, D-NC, to her list of supporters.

“Since I first met Ken I’ve known he has the heart to fight for those whose voices are too often not heard in Washington and the intellect to make a difference," Gantt said. "I told Ken, to show me a campaign that can win not just in May but in November and I would get behind that campaign 100%. Today, Ken Lewis has proven that he can mount such a campaign and finish the job we started two decades ago.”

"Cal Cunningham is clearly the candidate who will fight for public education in North Carolina as a U.S. Senator," N.C. Association of Educators President Sheri Strickland said. "Cal and his wife Elizabeth not only trust North Carolina educators on education issues, they trust North Carolina educators with preparing their children for the 21st century."

"Elaine Marshall has taken on the same special interests that dominate Washington—and won," said Morgan, who served one term in Washington in the 1970s and now leads the N.C. Center for Voter Education. "It's that type of leadership we need right now. Elaine Marshall is the right person at the right time for North Carolina."

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