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Chatham County kicks Triangle butt in Census returns



Whether it be over college basketball, or vying for Google Fiber, there are some folks in the Triangle who just LOVE turning everything into a competition. That said, residents in Chatham County is leaving the rest of the Triangle in the dust when it comes to returning its U.S. Census forms. Durham (cough, cough) is choking on that dust.

Numbers will be updated today at 4 p.m., but as of now, these are how the rankings shake out:

  • Chatham County - 19 percent
  • Orange County - 9 percent
  • Johnston County - 6 percent
  • Wake County - 5 percent
  • Durham County - 4 percent

(Percentages of U.S. Census recipients who have mailed them back)

Nationally, 20 percent of residents who received the forms have sent them back. Across North Carolina, 15 percent have returned them. The Midwest is basically beating everyone.

View and track all the fascinating stats on the newly launched interactive feature, the Take 10 Map at the U.S. Census Web site. Read more about the U.S. Census in the next issue of the Indy.

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