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N.C. State's Technician in jeopardy, lacks staff, editor to lead it



Update (8:35 p.m. Friday): A group of Technician alumni, current staff and others concerned about the newspaper's fate will gather at 8 p.m. Saturday at Mitch's Tavern to hatch a plan. All are welcome to attend.  So far, the Facebook page announcing the event shows 23 confirmed guests. 

The Technician, N.C. State's student newspaper for the past 90 years, is facing extinction because of a lack of staff.

The paper's editorial board made a desperate plea for help in Wednesday's paper, the day after no one applied for the editor in chief post.

In today's edition, news editor Nick Tran gives readers a window into the problems. Former editor Ty Johnson, an occasional contributor to the Independent was suspended when his grades dipped below the required 2.5 GPA for senior leaders of N.C. State's Student Media Association. The suspension created a chilling effect, where others questioned if they could handle the burden of both reporting and classwork.

Another Independent freelancer, Kate Shefte, still works at the student newspaper.

The paper now must consider if it can continue its every weekday print schedule, convert to a weekly or disband.

Former editor Tyler Dukes, who served as editor in chief in the 2006-07 academic year and now works at News14 Carolina, is rallying support at his blog, Write 30.

The Independent will bring you more on the Technician's plight as the story continues to develop.

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