Google Fiber boosters to spell out wishes at DBAP on March 18 | News

Google Fiber boosters to spell out wishes at DBAP on March 18


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Folks, this is even bigger than the "We Want Oprah!" sign that used to occupy the windows of a converted motel on Corcoran Street downtown.

Durham wants Google. Specifically, Durham residents, businesses, elected leaders and creatives are hoping to lure Google Fiber, an project that Google is embarking on to bring broadband fiber and high-speed Internet access to one or more lucky cities in the U.S. Google has opened the application process to the entire country, and like many cities across the country have demonstrated in recent days, Durham wants in.

To demonstrate Durham's engagement, a committee has organized an effort to spell the words "We want Google" on the field of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on Thursday, March 18, said Sam Poley, a spokesman on Durham's application for Google Fiber. An aerial photographer will take photos of the display that day and submit them to Google when the application is due, March 26.

Participants should wear one of the following colors: black, blue, green, red or yellow, and show up at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park beginning at 11 a.m. March 18, Poley said. A team will organize participants by clothing color and arrange them onto the field to spell out "We want" in black, and "Google" in the colors that correspond to the Google logo (see photo). A photographer in a plane will zip over the field around 12:15 p.m. and take several photos, Poley said.

The roughly $400 cost of the aerial photo will be footed by the Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau as part of its regular marketing budget, said Poley, who is also the director of marketing and communications for the DCVB.

Poley said he hopes workers already in and around downtown Durham can walk to the DBAP and participate to alleviate traffic from people from outside of downtown who might drive in for the event.

He added that the best way Durhamites can support their city in the effort to win a contract for Google Fiber would be to nominate the city by following the instructions on the Web site Durham has set up for the project.

Read more about the local and regional efforts for Google Fiber in the March 10, 2010, issue of the Independent


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