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Lawson, Roche to face off in 4th District Republican primary



B.J. Lawson, who, in 2008 ran a spirited, but unsuccessful campaign against Democratic incumbent David Price for the 4th congressional district, has announced he will again try to win the seat. Lawson lost to Price by a 2-1 margin in that election.

But first, Lawson, a doctor and software developer, will face former international banker Frank Roche of Apex in the Republican primary.

Lawson combines progressive stances with Libertarianism. On one hand, his principles echo the free-market right: the elimination of federal income tax and "onerous" regulations, and the establishment of health care savings accounts instead of universal health insurance. He does not support Roe v. Wade.

Yet, at times, Lawson sounds like a progressive, opposing the war in Iraq—and the war on drugs—the death penalty and a constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage.

The Indy covered the Price-Lawson race in 2008.

Roche’s issue statements come out of the left field of the far right. He is skeptical about human impacts on global warming. On illegal immigration, he promises to eliminate it as much as possible, and would “push aside advocates of multiculturalism, identity politics, and political correctness.”

On hate crimes legislation, he says, “I do not support efforts to establish laws based on thoughts. America has more than enough laws to protect us all and to bring justice to those who do harm us.”

You get the picture.

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