Anti-bullying bill on House agenda Monday; opponents step up harassment | News

Anti-bullying bill on House agenda Monday; opponents step up harassment



Equality North Carolina is calling for reinforcements, predicting that the House vote on the School Violence Prevention Act (Senate Bill 526), which is scheduled for Monday night, will be close. According to ENC, the bill's opponents are in full-fervor mode. Greg Flynn, blogging on BlueNC, has chapter and verse about the toxic tactics of House Minority Leader Paul Stam, R-Wake, and his allies on the Christian Right. An excerpt:

Whether through ignorance, invective or indifference, Stam and the Christian Action League have been falsely equating sexual orientation and gender identity with sexual disorders or deviations and have perpetuated a myth originated by the American Family Association that incorrectly references and misquotes the DSM-IV-TR. The American Psychiatric Association would describe this as "irrational discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation." The Christian Action League compounds the error by variously attributing the bogus "list" to the American Psychological Association and to the American Psychiatric Association, two separate professional organizations.

There's no reason this bill should be controversial, unless you think it's OK for kids to pick on other kids because they're different. Or unless you're irredeemably homophobic.

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