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Cuba in the news



Last April, President Barack Obama reversed history in announcing he would remove all restrictions from Cubans in the United States who wish to visit, and send money to, their family on the island. The two countries have also agreed to resume high-level migration talks, broken off during President George W. Bush's tenure. And this afternoon, news agencies are reporting that the Organization of American States has revoked its 1962 suspension of Cuba from the hemispheric partnership. (Cuba would still need to formally apply, in order to join OAS, which they have recently indicated they would not do.)

"For the first time since the early 60s, we have a dialogue on Cuba," UNC-Chapel Hill professor Louis A. Perez, Jr. said in an interview with the Indy.

What do Cubans in North Carolina think of the most recent developments in U.S.-Cuba relations, which Obama has characterized as a 'new beginning?' Pick up a copy of this week's Indy to hear views from exiles who fled the (not yet) Communist country as early as 1959, and as recently as last year.

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