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Tonight: Jordan Lake showdown at Durham Commission



Update: For coverage of the commissioners' meeting, see our April 15 news story, "'First step to do what's right' for Jordan Lake."

The last time Durham County Commissioners took a public vote on the controversial, developer-funded survey of Jordan Lake, the year was 2008, and the board had two different members (both of whom supported the survey). Tonight at 7 p.m., a new board is set to vote on whether to approve watershed map changes, based on the survey, that would significantly re-draw the protected areas surrounding Jordan Lake.

For a full background on the story, read the Indy's coverage in the Dec. 3 and Dec. 24, 2008 print editions, and in our Triangulator blog posts.

All eyes will be on incoming commissioners Brenda Howerton and Joe Bowser. (Under the previous board, which was split 3-2 on the issue, Michael Page voted to endorse the developers' survey, while Ellen Reckhow and Becky Heron voted against it, favoring an independent survey of the lake.)

During her 2008 campaign, Howerton received $3,000 in contributions from partners behind a proposed mega-development that hinges on approval of the developer's survey, financed by a minority partner in the same company.

Bowser remained within the $3,000 threshhold and did not report any contributions; Page stayed within the threshhold for portions of the 2008 campaign, and reported no contributions from the developers; Reckhow and Heron, who voted to reject the developers' survey, received $500 and $200 from the project's partners, respectively.

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