Iowa Supreme Court unanimously approves gay marriage | News

Iowa Supreme Court unanimously approves gay marriage



The ruling upheld a decision by a Polk County judge that found state law defining marriage as between a man and woman to be unconstitutional. Iowa now joins Massachusetts and Connecticut as the third state that allows gay marriage, which the court ordered to begin in 21 days. The Des Moines Register has the wrap.

Local reaction from Progressive Pulse ("Watch out, North Carolina. ... We couldn't get it together fast enough to let love carry the day.") and Pam's House Blend (commenter: "What a GREAT DAY this truly is.").

Meanwhile, some people are not having such a good day. From the Register:

Diane Thacker's eyes filled with tears as the words were read aloud on the north side of the Iowa Judicial Building.

"Sadness," she whisper when asked for her reaction. "But I'm prayerful and hopeful that God's word will stand."

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