If you've always dreamed of being a health-care reformer some day ... | News

If you've always dreamed of being a health-care reformer some day ...




... here's your chance.




March 31, at NC A & T University in Greensboro. It's a White House Regional Forum on Health Reform.

Like "American Idol," but for policy geeks.

And if you've got the best idea, it's possible you could a prize.

See, the Obama Administration wants to hear how you would handle do it -- apparently they've misplaced their copy of John Edwards' health-care plan since he fell from grace. (Along with the glowing reviews.)

So they're going around the country listening to all sides in the health-care debate, sort of the way the Clintons did it back in '93. But not so much, because that was all buttoned-up, and this time it'll be right there on the intertubes.

Gov. Bev Perdue is fronting the Greensboro event. Some details from her press office below, including how to sign up.

Governor Perdue Announces Location of Regional Health Reform Discussion

Governor’s Office Provides Additional Information on Upcoming Event


RALEIGH – Gov. Bev Perdue today announced the location of the Regional Health Reform discussion she will lead on March 31.  The discussion will be held at the Alumni Foundation Event Center on the campus of North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro.


“It’s important that North Carolinians will have a voice in shaping the nation’s health care reform,” said Gov. Perdue.  “Our best and brightest have the opportunity to speak up and be a part of a process that will help bring health care that is high-quality, affordable and accessible to all.”


A website containing details on the Regional Health Reform discussion has been set up.  Citizens can go to www.healthforum.nc.gov to learn more about the event.  New information will be posted as it becomes available.


Dr. Daniel Gitterman, recently named senior advisor on health and human services on a part-time basis, will help coordinate planning for the Regional Health Reform discussion. 


Individuals and groups who wish to participate can go to the website, fill out a form and email it to Dr. Gitterman and members of the event planning committee at healthforum@nc.gov or call 1-888-818-8058. 


The North Carolina discussion on health reform is one of five regional discussions across the country the Obama administration is conducting.   






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