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Raleigh City Council I: Less dog-tethering, please



At this afternoon's meeting, City Attorney Tom McCormick was tasked with drafting an ordinance to limit dog-tethering based on laws already enacted by surrounding counties and towns. Councilor Nancy McFarlane said other jurisdictions have acted to ban or limit tethering, and it's time Raleigh did too, "in light of the cruel practice it can be." She asked McCormick to study what the other places have done and bring back a blend of the best elements.

Mayor Charles Meeker concurred, adding it was his sense that a majority of the Council is ready to move ahead as soon as McCormick puts a proposal in front of them. Meeker said a 4-6 month phase-in period would be appropriate after the ordinance is adopted. The N&O had some background this morning.

Read the Indy's coverage of similar anti-tethering ordinances in Orange, where commissioners voted last fall to limit it. In Durham, an anti-tethering ordinance received a lot of attention last summer, and commissioners voted to approve it.

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