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Indy contributor Kate Ariail captures the mood from D.C.



The city is overflowing and in the grip of joy. Every thing is decorated, and Obamamania is jumpstarting the economy at street level. It is truly wonderful and amazing. Today I had my photo taken with Frederick Douglass. We walked in a MLK day parade to lay a wreath at the African-American Civil War Memorial, which is very near our apartment. The parade marshals were from the 54th Massachusetts—both re-enactors, and the newly re-formed regiment of the Mass National Guard. They were accompanied by a group of black women re-enactors, and the Douglass re-enactor was at the ceremony. It was kinda mind blowing; the 54th risen from its watery grave in vindication after all these years. The people were singing: “Before I’ll be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave.” And then at the end, when we were doing one more time around on “We Shall Overcome,” someone started a verse: “No more Bushes ever, we have overcome tooooo-day!”

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