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Ledge, camera, action: Televise state House sessions



I'm not sure why it would cost more than $1 million to launch a video broadcast of the North Carolina House of Representatives' daily sessions and committee meetings. But it would be money well spent.


It's long past time the General Assembly started doing what town councils have been doing for years and offer more than a little bit of audio.

Andrea Verykoukis at Progressive Pulse, says video cameras would shed sunlight on state government, allowing "sharp-eyed, homebound" watchers to "cotton on to sold votes or conflicts of interest."

As for the cost, Chris Fitzsimon recently noted that the General Assembly has $15 million in reserve.

Kudos to House Speaker Joe Hackney for initiating this move toward transparent government. Now it's time for the N.C. Senate to get on board -- of course, they've only recently decided to allow laptops in the chamber.

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