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Video "highlight": Activating the Plensa sculpture



Monday night, a sizable crowd turned out for the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Durham Performing Arts Center. Politicos mingled with the hoi polloi, who wandered through the facility, munching on crudités and sipping soda and hot cider.

The evening's announced highlight, as it were, was the ignition of the "Sleep No More" light sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. Prior to flipping the switch, Capital Broadcasting CEO Jim Goodmon, who is a patron of Plensa and the bequeather of the art piece, told the crowd that he didn't know why Plensa chose ominous passages from Macbeth to accompany his piece, but that he did know that the goings-on inside DPAC were so important that he wants to turn the light on every night the facility is open for business.

JP Trostle, a designer with the Indy production department, attended the event with his video camera. Here's his video. That's the voice of Raleigh theater stalwart Ira David Wood III leading the countdown, and Trostle's own voiceover commentary at the end.

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