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Bowser, Page eye top post in Durham County


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Durham County Commissioner Ellen Reckhow has indicated she may step down as chairwoman of the board in December, opening the door for a new board-elected leader. Reckhow has said she would vote for current Vice Chairman Michael Page, who is eying the job. However, returning Commissioner Joe Bowser--who was ousted from the board in 2004--tells the Herald-Sun that he expects Reckhow to return the favor for his vote to elect her chairwoman, six years ago. Quid pro quo, Joe?

The Herald-Sun reports (reg. required):

According to Bowser, Reckhow promised to support his future bid to become chairman if he supported her in 2002 -- and says now she's reneging. He said "she felt that a number of things had changed" in the intervening years.

"I don't remember the conversation six years ago very well," Reckhow said, "but I would say that given his hiatus from the board, I think it's important for him to gain some experience on our board, on our current board."


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