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Hagan ad on Dole ad: It's offensive ... she's bearing false witness



Hagan: I believe in God and Elizabeth Dole knows it. She even faked my voice.

Game on now over whether Dole's "godless ad" went (way) over the line, and whether the Hagan campaign can jam it down Liddy's throat. Hagan's full statement today is below:

GREENSBORO, N.C. - State Senator and U.S. Senate Candidate Kay Hagan (D-Guilford) released a new ad today that directly addresses her Christian faith. Kay also directly addresses Dole’s despicable tactics that even fellow Republicans have criticized as over-the-top and desperate.

“Elizabeth Dole’s attacks on my Christian faith are offensive,” said Kay. “She even faked my voice in her TV ad to make you think I don’t believe in God. Well, I believe in God. I taught Sunday School. My faith guides my life, and Senator Dole knows it. Sure politics is a tough business, but my campaign is about creating jobs and fixing our economy, not bearing false witness against fellow Christians.”

Kay has received the endorsement of every newspaper that has endorsed in this race, including every major North Carolina newspaper. This morning three major daily North Carolina newspapers editorialized about the atrocious tenor of this ad.

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER: “This is indecent. It is the modern-day version of the “white hands” ad, a lie born of Dole's desperation in a race in which she has trailed for weeks. It is also a deliberate attempt by Dole's campaign not just to distort the truth, but to shatter Hagan's admirable record as an elder for more than a decade in Greensboro's First Presbyterian Church, as a Sunday School teacher and a volunteer in her church's fundraising campaigns, worship services and community service programs. It has no place in N.C. politics. Unless she admits this egregious, shameful mistake and acts appropriately, Elizabeth Dole has no place in N.C. politics, either.”

ASHEVILLE CITIZEN-TIMES: “The ad is not only a gross misrepresentation of the circumstances surrounding the fundraiser, the implication that Kay Hagan believes “there is no God” flies in the face of her long and close involvement with First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, where she is an elder and has taught Sunday School.”

GREENSBORO NEWS-RECORD: “If Elizabeth Dole is still the gracious person North Carolinians have admired for many years, she'll pull her new attack ad off the air. It's worse than dishonest in its depiction of rival Kay Hagan as a "Godless American." Even in a campaign long ago driven down in tone by Democrats and Republicans, this is a low blow. Making false insinuations about a candidate's religious beliefs is beyond the bounds of acceptable political disagreement.”

The Fayetteville Observer also editorialized about Dole’s attacks on Kay, calling them “desperation” and saying they “understand Dole’s desperation. The polls show she’s trailing Hagan, and she’s dipping into her own pocket to support her campaign. But jumping into the deep end of the slime pool is no way to catch up.

The ad can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k76tRXq0ZC0.

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