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The price is right: Joe Biden passes G105 quiz


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Veep candidate Sen. Joe Biden, appearing briefly on G105's Showgram, passed the hosts' pivotal grocery quiz, closely estimating prices of several common grocery items without going over.

In the five-minute segment, Biden came within 50 to 60 cents of pegging the cost of a 14-ounce box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, a three-pack of Dial soap and a loaf of wheat bread. He overestimated the price of one pound of ground beef ($3.49), saying it was around $4.50.

Bob Dumas and Co. commented that Biden "did a really good job," to which Biden replied "They don't call me the second poorest guy in the Senate for nothing."

However, Biden's command of the cereal aisle did not convince co-hostess Kristin. "Just because a guy knows the price of Frosted Flakes doesn't mean I'm going to friggin' vote for his ass."

This begs the question: If Biden's grocery awareness is so meaningless, then why did you ask such stupid, non-essential questions?


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