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Who's asking the "war" question in Liddy's attack ad?



I never, ever imagined that I'd star in a Liddy Dole ad -- but now I do. Yup, that's me, or my voice anyway, asking Kay Hagan her position at the time on invading Iraq, i.e. what did she think in late 2002-03. She was taking questions from UNC students early in the Democratic primary campaign. I was the only "press" there, except perhaps for the Daily Tar Heel? And I knew, though they denied it, that the two guys sitting in front of me with the video recorder were there for the GOP. Which accounts for the fact that the sound is so good on my question. (Nice job, GOP'ers.)

Hagan did, in fact, answer that since she was in the state Senate at the time, she'd had no position on the war. I was so taken aback by her response (in effect: war? what war?) that I blurted out about how Barack Obama was in the Illinois state Senate when he spoke out in opposition. She did not know that. (She said, no, he was in the U.S. Senate.)

Ah, well. This ad is a little unfair, because Hagan has since staked out a war position ("a responsible withdrawal") almost identical to Obama's current view ("out, unless it wouldn't be responsible"). But it was a little astounding to hear someone hoping to be our next U.S. senator say that it wasn't her job to have a position on the war back when everyone else in America was debating it.

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