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When stealing yard signs just won't cut it



With the opening of the bear hunting season last week, it seems that North Carolinians not pleased by the prospect of an Obama presidency are finding increasingly creative (also read: deplorable) ways to express their opposition.

The AP reports that a dead bear cub covered in Barack Obama campaign paraphernalia was found dumped on the campus of Western North Carolina university Monday.

School officials say the 75 pound bear was found shot to death in front of the campus administration building. Two Obama yard signs were stapled together and draped across its head.

University police are investigating the incident.

[Update 10/21/08]

The Western Carolina campus police are saying that there was no political motivation behind the incident and that the dead bear cub was part of a prank. Now I'm the biggest fan of sophmoric shenanigans that you're likely to ever meet, but even I fail to find the humor in leaving a dead bear cub in a public way.

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