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Robocall slams Norwalk on taxes


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The North Carolina Homeowners Alliance, an astroturf group for the real estate lobby, has sponsored this robocall (MP3 file) against Wake County Commissioner candidate Stan Norwalk, blasting him for a "radical tax plan." "Did you know that Stan Norwalk has never seen a problem he couldn't solve with a new tax?" the call says.

The Realtors group is still sore over Norwalk's efforts to support the real estate transfer tax as an alternative to further property tax increases to pay for schools, roads and other infrastructure.

Norwalk's campaign fired back with an email to supporters, seeking contributions to run his own radio ads. "The real estate lobby is desperate to maintain their control over the County's tax policies through Kenn and by intimidating others on the Board of County Commissioners," the email said. "The lobby wants the full burden of infrastructure to fall on working people rather than on them. I am a direct threat to their twenty year record of control."


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