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Pat McCrory's health care plan: scrap requirements



Does anyone remember during the last presidential debate, when John McCain (while he wasn't roaming lost around the stage) talked about giving people the choice to buy health insurance from any state they wish? To which Barack Obama countered that doing so could encourage some states to deregulate health insurance, creating cheap plans that -- when you read the fine print -- don't really offer people the coverage they need?

If Pat McCrory won the governor's race, it looks like North Carolina would become one of those states. See McCrory's pledge to "reduce state mandates" as part of his health care plan.

Adam Linker at NC Policy Watch explains here why McCrory's plan would "lead to more North Carolinians joining the ranks of the underinsured and will sharpen the financial insecurity of middle class families." Among the cumbersome state requirements of these gold-plated health-care plans: basic care for newborns, and the guarantee that women can stay in the hospital for at least 48 hours after giving birth.

NC Policy Watch's Adam Searing also recently compared Obama and McCain's health care plans, and how they would affect North Carolinians in particular.

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