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The McCain-Palin campaign is already laying the groundwork for an Obama-stole-the-election narrative by trying to connect Barack Obama, who was a community organizer, with ACORN, which does community organizing and is being accused of widespread voter fraud. Today, ACORN officials defended their work registering 1.3 million people to vote nationwide.

Meanwhile, North Carolina election officials are investigating voter registration forms that ACORN officials turned in to Wake and Durham boards of elections, following outrage (!) from state Republicans.

But take a look at the details in today's AP story, a localized version of which ran in both The N&O and The Herald-Sun.

ACORN has registered nearly 28,000 people in North Carolina. The total number of suspect forms so far: 120 in Durham, 30 in Wake, none elsewhere.

State elections director Gary Bartlett said ACORN has cooperated with the investigation into the questionable Durham forms.

Bartlett also said the problem in Durham County doesn't appear to be widespread and stems from one person trying to fill out enough forms to get paid. He said the board probably will send the case to prosecutors.

ONE person, who will likely be prosecuted.

Durham elections director Mike Ashe said ACORN helped the county develop a system to trace problems.

Sounds like both the local and state boards -- and apparently the organization's leaders -- are acting appropriately.


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