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The Technician went and sponsored a presidential debate earlier this week featuring representatives from the presidential candidates’ respective supporting student organizations and the reviews, sadly, do not engender much hope in the next generation of politicos.

"A lot of the arguments from both sides in the debate were unfounded," Evan Garris, a sophomore in political science, said. "Many things I picked up on were just downright offensive and I think both sides should have brushed up on politics before they tried to put their two cents in."

Wait, there's more:

Others, however, felt the debate was far from the quality of a nationally televised debate, doing a poor job of dealing with many of the pressing problems facing the nation.

"I thought the fundamental issues facing America were not addressed," Garris said. "I had hoped it wouldn't devolve into the personal attacks and mudslinging that it did."

I'm not sure what depresses me more, that our children seem to so easily adopt or mimic the worst behavior of the people we've chosen to nominate to the highest offices in the land, or that at a time when the people we have chosen to nominate to the highest of offices should be rising to the moment, they have instead begun to act like children.

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