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UNC Housekeepers agree to a deal, no, wait...



North Carolina administrators announced Wednesday that after five months of false starts and failed compromises, a joint committee of university officials and housekeeping staff reached a scheduling agreement...or so they thought.

From today's Daily Tar Heel:

Though no housekeeping committee members responded to phone calls, some housekeepers reject that claim.

“This is nothing housekeepers agreed on,” said Salia Warren, a field organizer of the housekeepers union UE Local 150.

“The committee was set up as a sham,” she said. “It was clear that whether housekeepers want it or not, it’s going to happen.

The plan currently on the table would have current housekeeping staff work Monday through Friday, and calls for part-time workers to be hired to work weekends.

The joint committee was formed in the fallout from the university's announcement that it would require some housekeepers to adjust their schedules to include working one weekend day.

The Committee's deadline to reach a deal is Oct. 15.

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