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What a difference a lede makes



First, from the Herald-Sun story (reg. required) on the opening gala for A Taste FOR Durham's Future, the quasi-governmental committee lobbying for a 1-percent meals tax to fund a minor-league baseball museum, and other civil projects:

If the movers and shakers who gathered Tuesday afternoon accurately reflected the voice of the people, then the proposed meals tax will win November's referendum easily.

Bull City Rising, meanwhile, goes with a more skeptical approach:

If comments at the Herald-Sun and blogs like BCR were scientific polling -- which naturally they ain't -- the prepared foods tax would seem destined for a bleak future at the polls.

It's fair to say that neither group--members of a pro-tax committee, or anonymous bloggers commenters--accurately represents the voice of the people. But one is waging a $45,000 public-relations campaign, and should be treated accordingly.

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