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NC State cops doling out brownie points



Here's a good use of student fees: Brownie points.

The NC State campus police are issuing bracelets to students who exhibit good behavior, according to a report in the Technician, the campus newspaper. The Big Brother-sounding Responsible Behavior Initiative (aka Everything I Learned in Kindergarten) is in charge of the program. Examples include "being a designated driver, controlling waste, providing alternatives to alcohol and self-policing at organizing events and promoting better quality of life around campus."

Fraternities are eligible for the RED PIG award, an acronym, which includes "I" for Introspection and self-control. The responsible_behavior_brochure has all the puritanical details.

Lt. Rick Potts is quote as saying, "Every year now, there's more and more people looking to want one of those little bracelets." Yeah, probably the same kids who were hall monitors in high school.

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