GOP threatens to challenge voters whose homes have been foreclosed | News

GOP threatens to challenge voters whose homes have been foreclosed


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This is as low as it gets: The Michigan GOP proposed challenging the eligibility of voters whose homes have been foreclosed, alleging that the people may not be "true residents" of the city or township, reports the Michigan Messenger, a publication of the Center for Independent Media. The challenges are happening in several Michigan counties near Flint and Detroit-which, wow, coincidentally, have the highest foreclosure rates in the nation and, serendipitously, are key swing counties in a key swing state.

Still don't believe in magic? Well, the Messenger goes on, John McCain's regional HQ in Michigan are housed in the office of foreclosure specialists Trott & Trott, whose founder has raised between $100K and $250K for the candidate's campaign.

However, some of these challenges--also known by another name, voter suppression--may fail, because people can live in their homes well after foreclosure as they try to negotiate terms or a grace period. Yet, it will likely result in long lines, which could drive people away.

Apparently, state GOPs in other areas think this is a genius idea, and operatives in Franklin County, Ohio, which includes Columbus, are considering this pernicious tactic.

Not so fast, the Messenger reports: Shortly after their story was published, and the subsequent citizen outrage, the GOP changed its mind. That may be also due in part to the lawsuit filed by the state Democrats and the Obama campaign challenging the GOP's scheme.

And, when all else fails, blame the press: The state GOP demanded that the Messenger print a retraction because the entire story is a "fabrication." The Messenger refused, and stands by the story.

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