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Kenn Gardner and the non-denial denial


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Kenn Gardner would like you to know that he did not "misuse his office." But for those who have fallen prey to the "mistaken perception" that he did, the Wake County Commissioner would like to "offer an apology," reports the N&O.

"I love Wake County too much to even think about doing something like that," said Gardner before yesterday's meeting of the Wake County board.

The above statements mark the first time Gardner has publicly addressed allegations that he used his office to advocate for a Triangle Aquatic pool project that, as it turns out, he benefited from financially.

But while Gardner isn't admitting guilt,  it seems that he's been chastened:

Later in the meeting Monday, when an item on $10 million in funding for a pool project in Cary that would compete with Triangle Aquatic came up on the agenda, Gardner recused himself from the discussion and abstained from the vote.


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