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A solid today for Bev on campaign finance reform. Pat?



The two gubernatorial candidates are addressing government reform issues today in Raleigh. And it sounds like Bev Perdue, per WRAL's reporting, hit a couple of pure notes on 1) getting the big money out of gubernatorial campaigns, and 2) setting up a permanent government-reform commission whose ideas the General Assembly could not ignore. Can you imagine? Commission has a proposition and Tony Rand can't stop it from getting a Senate vote?

Bev discussed her campaign finance reform in answering the Indy's questions during the Democratic primary. She said then:

I have also come to believe that a major barrier blocking our progress in these policy areas is the dominance of private, special-interest money in our election campaigns. I have lived with this system for a number of years and have strived to play by the rules. But like the voters, I am fed up with it and know it needs to be replaced.

That is why I am now committed to instituting a Public Endowment for Positive Gubernatorial Campaigns. This is an innovative idea originally proposed by Durham’s former State Senator Wib Gulley and also championed at the national level by such reformers as former Vice-President Al Gore and Senator Russ Feingold. I am proud that major reform groups throughout the state have praised my championing of the Public Endowment approach. To read my proposal, go to [www.bevperdue.com/buildingnewNC.asp]

Stay tuned for McCrory.

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