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John McCain, el mentiroso



We've been following John McCain's misleading, and factually inaccurate, claims for awhile now, so this shouldn't come as a sorpresa: He's also lying in Spanish.

In a new Spanish-language campaign ad, a narrator says that "Obama and his allies in Congress say they are on the side of immigrants," while an image of hopeful looking Latinos flashes on screen along with the text, "On Our Side?"

"But they aren't," the narrator tells us. "Reports in the press have said that their efforts were like poisonous pills that made immigration reform fail. The result: no to a guest-worker program, a path to citizenship and secure borders. The reform did not pass."

"Is this 'on our side?'" the narrator asks, with pictures of Sens. Harry Reid, Christopher Dodd and Patrick Leahy.

"Obama and his allies in Congress: ready to block immigration reform. But they are not ready to govern."

Hay un problema: Obama voted with McCain to end debate and vote on the immigration reform bill. So did Reid, Dodd and Leahy.

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