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Triangle probation offices' problems run deep


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A recently released federal study reveals that problems in the Wake and Durham county probation offices are worse than previously thought, reports the News and Observer.

Ordered weeks after the offices were revealed to have mishandled the cases of two men suspected in the separate murders of Abhijit Mahato and Eve Carson, two local university students, a National Institute of Corrections report tells of a Durham County probation office in disarray, with deficiencies in a whopping 80 percent of its cases.

Wake County didn't fare much better. Auditors found deficiencies in 43 percent of the 944 cases sampled for the study.

This summer , the legislature earmarked an additional $2.5 million stimulus for the system, which officials say is starved for funding.

If nothing else, that will cover the $110, 823 in office equipment the report says is missing from the Wake probation office.


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