We know what DPAC is, but what to wear? | News

We know what DPAC is, but what to wear?



More than three-quarters of local residents are aware of the Durham Performing Arts Center, although they may not know how to dress for it. The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau released results of a study today showing that public awareness of DPAC, due to open later this year, is greater than that of megamall Streets of Southpoint nearly a year after it opened.

The report goes on to state that there are lingering questions about DPAC such as dress code, parking and tickets. Here is the press release, misspellings, included:

DPAC Awareness Level Trancends The Streets at Southpoint It appears that general awareness is not a problem for the new Durham Performing Arts Center A survey in June revealed that even before the doors open it is known by 77% of residents and 40% of residents in nearby counties with 20% uncertain or undecided. Awareness in surrounding communities exceeds awareness of The Streets At Southpoint, Durham’s super regional shopping mall, nearly a year after it had opened. So the remaining challenge is “logistical awareness”, e.g. dress code, driving directions, parking, tickets, etc. This is similar to the marketing required of Durham’s signature restaurants. They may have great reviews and name identity but people still have logistical questions. DPAC collaborated with the Durham Convention & Visitors Buearu on the survey, conducted by Catevo Group with a plus or minus 4.9% margin of error.

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