After Tuesday, Beyù Caffè Will Close for a Week to Relocate to Bigger Space | Music

After Tuesday, Beyù Caffè Will Close for a Week to Relocate to Bigger Space


Beyù 2.0, in progress - PHOTO BY JEREMY M. LANGE
  • Photo by Jeremy M. Lange
  • Beyù 2.0, in progress
When Raleigh jazz pianist Andrew Berinson played Beyù Caffè’s brunch show on Sunday, he became the last person to ever perform in Beyù—that is, until the downtown Durham coffee, cocktail, food, and jazz destination relocates to its newer and larger space just two doors down at 341 West Main Street. The restaurant will serve dinner tonight and tomorrow night and then complete its relocation. 

The move, which began nearly three months ago with the help of a $44,994 Kickstarter campaign, comes as the result of the rising rent market in downtown Durham. But rather than put himself through the exhaustive, if not impossible, task of finding a cheaper rental space in Durham, Beyù Caffè owner Dorian Bolden secured a commercial loan and bought a larger space several paces down the sidewalk from his jazz cafe.

“This whole journey really has been the epitome of what the Durham community is about—the diversity of it and the idea of supporting local," says Bolden. "I’ve never liked asking for money, but a lot of great people in this city had to remind me that other people actually want to help me. It gave me the assurance that we are actually looked upon as a community establishment.”

Beginning Wednesday morning, Beyù will be closed for one week while it makes the switch to its new space, which will have nearly one hundred seats (including outside seating) as opposed to the seventy it currently has. Bolden hopes to have “Beyù Caffè 2.0,” as he affectionately refers to it, running by May 4, so he can get back to what the cafe is known for—live music.

“The goal was to give us some flexibility without trying to disrupt our business,” says Bolden. “The live music is such an integral part of our business model. We also wanted to focus solely on transitioning into our new space for the Art of Cool Fest.”

During this year’s annual Art of Cool Festival, Beyù Caffè will—for the second time in three years—act as one of the festival’s official venues. It will also be the only venue this year where non-AOC ticket holders can catch acts for free, which seems like a perfect soft-opening set up for the restaurant’s first weekend of business.

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