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Boogie with Boulevards' new single, "Cold Call"


  • Photo by Nick Pironio
In 1982, writer Val Wilmer proclaimed in New Music Express that Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five’s “The Message” was “the first really big political record since James Brown’s 1970 ‘Say It Loud.’” In many ways, the song also showed hip-hop’s versatility, how it could pivot from urban pop cool to socio-political raps.

This crossover tradition continues on “Cold Call,” as Raleigh’s newly annointed guardian of funk couture, Boulevards, reimagines the signature synths of "The Message" into flirtatious pokes at a love interest.

Then, he makes his move: He calls her up, she answers, he shoots his shot—granted, a shot in the dark, but isn’t that how courting went before our Tinder fingers did the asking? As the first single from Boulevards’ upcoming debut LP, Groove!, “Cold Call” cruises on a cool continuum of Boulevards’ studied funk ambitions, passed down from the Godfather to the Grandmaster to North Carolina’s own groove god.

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