Good news: Girls Rock NC's nonprofit status has been restored | Music

Good news: Girls Rock NC's nonprofit status has been restored


Girls Rock NC is off to a good start in 2016: The organization—which promotes empowerment of girls and young women through music—has received notification that its nonprofit status has been restored.

The organization learned of the initial revocation from the IRS in October 2014, just a few weeks before the INDY celebrated Girls Rock NC with an Arts Award. The problem was that 990s, a form necessary for nonprofits to maintain tax-exempt status, had not been filed for three years. Collier Reeves, the executive director of GRNC, says the organization subsequently worked with attorneys and accountants to piece back together financial information from those years to fix the error.

“In true Girls Rock fashion," she says, "it was a community effort."

The restoration is retroactive, too, which means that all of the donations the organization received during the revocation still count as tax-exempt; in short, it’s like none of this ever happened. 

“Anyone who donated during the time that we were not a 501(c)3, we can get them a tax receipt now for anything that they donated, money or in-kind," Reeves says.

Having the nonprofit status restored will allow GRNC to continue expanding its programming, Reeves says. This spring, that will include the annual women's rock camp as well as a handful of other shindigs. 

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