Video: Escape work (and land-speed records) with Earthly's new "Glaze" | Music

Video: Escape work (and land-speed records) with Earthly's new "Glaze"


Earthly—the Chapel Hill electronic duo of Edaan Brook and Brint Hansen, responsible for Days, one of my favorite area albums of 2015—have released a wondrous little video for one of the record’s most powerful tracks, “Glaze.”

Produced by Belgian illustrator and GIF whiz Eno Swinnen, the concept for the “Glaze” clip is simple but transfixing: After a countdown, we accelerate, the speed flashing before us like a classic driver arcade game as the road curves and shifts ahead. As it continues to increase, though, glimpses of the highway start to fragment, and wormholes seem to open up for the driver, positioned on a dirt bike that appears, disappears and reappears in animated fragments that bounce throughout the field of vision. We even spend some time chasing the biker around the 200 miles per hour mark, just before the really strange stuff starts to happen. When the beat gets heaviest, the speed leaps with each new hit—220, 230, 240, all the way to 1,000. The motion gets harder to catch, the image harder to discern.

Perhaps unintentionally, the shot is an interesting futuristic vision, since we’re not actually sure what ground travel looks like at 1,000 miles per hour. The new Bloodhound, which essentially appears to be an airplane planted on the ground, hopes to hit that mark in 2017, smashing the current mark of 763. Maybe Swinnen’s right, then, and the roads do begin to turn into next-dimension portals at some point.

Earthly - GLAZE from Eno Swinnen on Vimeo.

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