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Black Pussy's Raleigh gig back on, kind of


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The canceled Raleigh set by the controversially named Portland, Oregon stoner rock band Black Pussy is back on for the capital city, but with a new date and venue. Slim’s—located on the opposite side of the same block as the show’s original locale, The Pour House—will host the group on Thursday, March 26, one day later than the previous date.

“I find the band name stupid, and I find it offensive,” Slim’s owner Van Alston told the INDY Thursday afternoon. “But I don’t want to live in a town where threats of violence dictate who I can see and who I can’t see.”

The show is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. with no openers.

With this new booking, there’s renewed hope for the scenario I suggested Monday: That is, an embarrassingly low amount of people will show up to see the band, while a flock of protestors welcome the group to Wilmington Street.

Here’s hoping everyone keeps it clean, or as clean as you can with a name like Black Pussy.

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