Video Premiere: Ghostt Bllonde covers Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" | Music

Video Premiere: Ghostt Bllonde covers Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"


It’s mid-January. It’s cold, it’s wet and it feels like we haven’t properly seen the sun since, what, maybe October?

But Ghostt Bllonde’s Marc Kuzio and former See Gulls member Jacki Huntington come to the rescue with a new video of their cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne.” Together, the two turned the tune from a brooding and contemplative acoustic number into a fuzzy, upbeat song, pairing it with a video that pops with bright colors. Huntington shot the video with Rebecca Putterman and edited it herself, and it features her, Kuzio and friend (and former INDY contributor) Ashleigh Phillips smearing garish make-up all over one other. You can name your own price for a download of “Suzanne” via Ghostt Bllonde's Bandcamp.

Watch the video below.

SUZANNE by GHOSTT BLLONDE from Jacki Huntington on Vimeo.

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