Video: S.P.I.T.T.L.E. Fest lives on at The Pour House | Music

Video: S.P.I.T.T.L.E. Fest lives on at The Pour House


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In mid-November, S.P.I.T.T.L.E. Fest returned to the Pour House with a three-night gathering of alt-country bands and the fans who love them. The festival, which stands for Southern Plunge Into Trailer Trash Leisure and Entertainment, was a bit bigger this year. In addition to out-of-town acts like Jim Lauderdale, the festitvies also included smoked BBQ plates served upstairs by Tiny Townsend.

Friday night saw newcomers Dragmatic and Magnolia Collective, along with crowd favorites The Vibekillers and John Howie Jr. & The Rosewood Bluff. The festival continues to be a a must-see for roots music fans in North Carolina and serves as a family reunion of sorts. Every year, fans tell stories of its previous incarnation at The Brewery while enjoying the new life the festival has found at The Pour House.

Below, check out some videos from Friday's best sets.

John Howie Jr. & The Rosewood Bluff, "Man I Used to Be"

Magnolia Collective, "Jockey Full of Bourbon"

The Vibekillers, "Sweetie" and "Sixteen Ways"

Dragmatic, "Strangers"


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