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The story behind King Mez's great new "Morris" video


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For the most part, Raleigh-raised hip-hop artist King Mez keeps mum about what he's been up to since late July, when he temporarily migrated to the West Coast to work more closely with Aftermath Records producer Dawaun Parker. But these Instagram photos, which picture Mez hanging out with Dr. Dre in a recording studio, suggest that the My Everlasting Zeal emcee’s experience in Los Angeles has exceeded his initial expectations.

Now, add that good fortune to Raleigh-based production company Myriad Media's agreement to fully fund and produce the music video for Mez’s “Morris," released Tuesday. (Disclosure: Tina Haver Currin, who also works at Myriad Media, is married to INDY Music Editor, Grayson Haver Currin.)

Kent Willard directed the video for “Morris,” which follows a day in the life of 12-year-old Jalil Johnson. The visual serves as the prequel to Mez’s “Can’t Let Go” video (also directed by Willard), in which Mez’s trek through one of his old neighborhoods leads him back home, where Johnson emerges from whereabouts unknown to greet Mez. In “Morris,” we find out where Johnson has been—riding his bicycle through Raleigh, meeting up with a friend and then navigating through some of the tough choices that many inner-city kids are forced to make on a daily basis.

“The whole idea is about the pathway of life and which way you choose, which is represented in the video by all of the doors,” says Willard. One of those doors leads the pre-teen into a room where he finds himself surrounded by projections of his own conscience. At the end of the reel, Johnson sees his reflection on the screen. It’s Willard’s homage to Being John Malkovich.

“This kid has been given the opportunity to view his cognitive life,” he says. “Rather than make the wrong decisions and go down the wrong path, he’s able to view it and appropriately adjust.”

King Mez, "Morris"

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