Live: Hank III leads an hours-long marathon at the Lincoln Theatre | Music

Live: Hank III leads an hours-long marathon at the Lincoln Theatre


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Hank III, 3, Attention Deficit Domination, Three Bar Ranch
Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh
Sunday, June 29, 2014

As June came to a close, Hank Williams III rolled into the Lincoln Theatre on a Sunday night, sporting his many musical masks. Known for his long performances, he showcases a spectrum of styles, from the traditional country music of his family's legacy to the many shades of heavy metal that seem to be his deeper passion. Most folks who come to experience the Williams family legacy quickly leave as the Green amps are turned up. But at the Lincoln, things were different.

Williams was without ace steel player Andy Gibson, who once was the musical anchor of the country set. Another notable absence was Gary Lindsey of the loud backing band Assjack, who generally joined Williams for the hardcore half of the show. In their place came many new faces and a few old, including Williams' early lead guitar player and The Jesus Lizard member Duane Denison, who resumed his former duties during the country set.

The night kicked off with Williams' country set, which hit at the heart of traditional side of the genre thanks to several numbers from the acclaimed Straight to Hell. Because of Williams' spirited fanbase, it's not uncommon to see a moving mosh pit even during a traditional country waltz.

The country set eventually gave way to rock 'n' roll as the band reached the set of songs usually referred to as the "HellBilly" part of the show, with driving tunes like "Life of Sin" and "I'm Drunk Again." The band then shed several members, leaving bass, steel guitar, drums and lead guitar for the more punk portion of the set with the project simply known as 3. This punk set was followed by the doom metal of Attention Deficit Domination, before the evening ended with 3 Bar Ranch and the project Cattle Callin, featuring speed metal on top of—you guessed it—cattle calls from a livestock auction.

Hank III, "Loners 4 Life"

3, "There's Another Road" and "Face Down"

Attention Deficit Domination, "Camouflage" and "Make a Fall"

3 Bar Ranch, "Angus of Death," "Cow Sold" and "Countin' Cows"


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