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Watch Bronson in Action at Time-Out Restaurant


Time-Out’s chicken biscuits were famous long before Adam Richman's Man v. Food came through town a few years back. But, the late-night Chapel Hill food beacon has gained more national prominence after New York emcee and self-anointed foodie, Action Bronson, found the place while in town for a March performance at Cat’s Cradle.

I was at that show, and, yes, I saw him suplex, body slam and throw a few overzealous fans who thought that it was a good idea to hop onstage and attack him. It’s become a routine part of his shows. “The college towns are always the craziest places to go,” he says. “They get a little nuts. It’s getting a little out of hand.” It’s OK. He winds down later. Watch Action Bronson munching on a bunch of Time-Out chicken (at the 12:02 mark) in an installment of online food channel Munchies' series “Fuck, That’s Delicious.” He's joined by  his homeboy, Retch. You’ve never wanted to hang out with Bronsilini as much as now.

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